Question: When it snows, when can we expect to see you come to our property?

Answer: Any time there is a snow occurrence we will be there before, during, and after the snow has stopped falling to ensure we leave your lot spotless until the next time it snows. Before the snow starts falling we will be there preparing your property so that when the snow does start falling anyone trying to enter your building will be able to enter safely and conveniently. During the storm we will be clearing walkways and clearing the isles in the lot. When the snow finally stops falling we will clear all remaining parking spots and complete a final clean up before applying salt.

Question: How do you price out our property?

Answer: We are different than most companies in the sense that we do not strictly go off of square footage to generate a price for your lot. While we do utilize the square footage of your property as a tool, our account specialists review your property and takes consideration of all the variables of your property to provide you with a fair, competitive price.

Question: When it snows where do you put the snow?

Answer: Each property will be handled differently and with your quote we will provide you with a snow map so you will know exactly where to expect snow to be. Generally speaking, our goal is to be the least invasive as humanly possible. We accomplish this by never stacking snow at entrances and pushing snow as far back to the property as possible so that the least amount of real estate is taken during the winter months.

Question: Will I need to contact you every time it snows?

Answer: Generally no, unless requested other wise. We love to keep the lines of communication open with our customers but you can rest easy knowing that we will be at your property preparing before the snow even starts falling. 

Question: What are the types of contracts that you offer?

Answer: We offer 3 types of contracts. 

Seasonal contracts

Per push contracts

Hourly rate contracts

Question: When do the contracts start and end?

Answer: Typically our contracts start in November and end in March, in the chart below you can see the average amount of snow Chicago receives month to month. 

Chicago Land Average Snow Fall